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Facing Challenges on Demand Forecasting: Dealing With Short Data in the Petrochemical Industry- Juniper Publishers

This article aims to verify how a fuels distributor industry operates and plans forecast demand for gasoline and diesel, which are responsible for most of the operating losses. Through a case study, the findings suggest that the company has a shortage in this process, considering that does not use mathematical models and methods or specific systems in the industry to make decisions, based only on the opinion and advice of managers. The research results has shown that the application of known techniques of forecasting can bring some advantage to the organization, understanding that only knowledge and professional experience are factors that should not be worked out in a standardized manner. Its association with mathematical models and methods can improve the company's result.

Go ahead for Technology (ARTOAJ) - Juniper Publishers

It’s my pleasure to see the Journal for agricultural research & technology to begin scientific life in our Journal. Editorial Board hopes to commitment to scientific rules of evaluating the scientific research by group of in different researcher belonging to college and research center all over the world.

Bioequivalence & Bioavailability; Some Perspectives (MABB) - Juniper Publishers

Bioequivalence & Bioavailability; Some Perspectives in Juniper in Modern Applications of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

The term “bioequivalence” refers to pharmaceutically equivalent products where the extent of bioavailability of the actives are not significantly (in the statistical sense) different under scientific conditions usually following the rules of scientific sampling. As a student of the famous W.E. Deming (1900-1993) these words are common knowledge to people and researchers like me. 

Broad Working Approaches in Yoga and Physiotherapy (JYP) - Juniper Publishers



Broad Working Approaches in Yoga and Physiotherapy 

Authored by:Mukund Vinayak Bhole

It is heartening to note that Juniper Publishers have launched the publication of the ‘Journal of Yoga and Physiotherapy’ to cover and contribute in two more health related areas. Physiotherapy is an offshoot of modern (western) medical sciences while Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of perceptions belonging to the ancient Indian culture and civilization. Over a period of time, physiotherapy has developed as a specialty and super-specialty in modern medical education and services. Rehabilitation and vocational training and education as well as crania-sacral therapy are also developing as important disciplines along with physiotherapy. As the name suggests, physiotherapy aims at working with the physical body

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Diabesity (CRDOJ) - Juniper Publishers



Authored by Akbar Nikkhah

My gift to you is today Thoughtful poems of the day. Try reading many times Before the night ends the day.

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Hypothesis Nature has provided the two Subsets required for Translational Lung Cancer Research - Juniper Publishers

Hypothesis Nature has provided the two Subsets required for Translational Lung Cancer Research in Juniper in International Journal of Cell Science & Molecular Biology

Regarding translational research on lung cancer, a recent report came from China. In the present paper from Nigeria, necrosis was noted to occur when cancer cells being transported within the thoracic duct were comingled with red cells. It was hypothesized that the retrieval of such rich natural pabulum in addition to the replication of it in translational laboratories will conduce to cancer cure. 

Effect of Nickel Chloride on the Growth and Biochemical Characteristics of Phaseolus Mungol (JOJS) - Juniper Publishers

Effect of Nickel Chloride on the Growth and Biochemical Characteristics of Phaseolus Mungol in Juniper in JOJ Sciences

The effect of heavy metal nickel chloride on germination, growth and biochemical parameters of Phaseolusmungo L. was studied. Application of various concentrations from 3mM to 15mM decreased the percentage of growth, pigment content and increased the content of amino acid and proline. It was found to be decreased when compared to the respective control grown with nutrient medium. The present study demonstrated that the heavy metal nickel had adversely affected the growth and biochemical parameters of the plant Phaseolusmungo L. 

There is Plenty of Time to Grow Up, But, Let a Child be a Child (PBSIJ) - Juniper Publishers

Juniper Publishers- Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal

                       There is Plenty of Time to Grow Up, But, Let a Child be a Child

 Juniper in Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal

As a professional and a mother, I remember that the development of an infant through early childhood moves so quickly after the time of birth. One thing for certain is that “childhood” should be one reflected in joy, exploration, assimilation of knowledge through experiences, joy, and happiness. There is no greater pleasure than hearing and seeing a happy child laugh, grow, and showing joy. 

Beware of Over-Enthusiasm for CT Scans! (OAJS) - Juniper Publishers

Beware of Over-Enthusiasm for CT Scans!

The problem of over use of CT scans has become an epidemic in our present society and it is going to worsen in coming years if appropriate! steps are not taken now. This has become a complex issue with interplay of many factors like doctor factors, patient and public factors, action/inaction of monitoring bodies and company driven. The issue simply is non-judicious use of CT scans. There is no doubt about CT scans being one of the most useful tools in diagnostic radiology. Unfortunately, doctors are now advising CT scans just at the drop of hat and history and clinical examination have taken not only a back seat but not even considered wisely in many cases. The aim of this editorial is to spread awareness among doctors about the wise use of CT scans or at least to avoid over-enthusiasm about it highlighting radiation, contrast induced nephropathy (CIN), hypersensitivity to contrast mediums and cost factor. Juniper in Open Access Journal of Surgery 

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A Foe for the Thyroid? (JETR) - Juniper Publishers

Juniper publishers- Open access journal of Endocrinology and thyroid

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A Foe for the Thyroid? in Juniper in Journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research

Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are agents that inhibit multiple receptor tyrosine kinases that are implicated in tumour growth, neoangiogenesis and metastatic progression of cancer. The simultaneous inhibition of these targets leads to both reduced tumor vascularization and increased cancer cell death, and ultimately tumor shrinkage. Several multi target TKIs are approved and have been associated with thyroid dysfunction [1]. Although anticancer treatment with the TKIs frequently causes thyroid dysfunction, the underlying mechanism implicated along with related clinical features have not been fully elucidated until today. 

Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Tropomyosins from the Ordinary and Hybrid Tilapia - Juniper Publishers

 Juniper Publishers- Open access journal of oceanography and Fisheries

Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Tropomyosins from the Ordinary and Hybrid Tilapia in Juniper in Oceanography & Fisheries Open Access Journal 

Tilapia is a very common aquaculture species in Taiwan and both the so-called freshwater tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and seawater tilapia (O. mossambica) are available. In order to characterize muscle tropomyosin from these tilapia and hybrid ones (O. mossambica × O. niloticus ), the biochemical properties of tropomyosin among these tilapia species were analysed. The nucleotide sequences of tropomyosin genes were determined by cDNA cloning, and the amino acid sequences were deduced. Fast skeletal muscle tropomyosins were isolated by the combination of isoelectric point precipitation and salting out with ammonium sulfate. The thermodynamic properties of the purified tropomyosins were examined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and circular dichroism (CD) spectrometry. The results showed that those tropomyosins were identical to each other including the deduced amino acid sequence, thermodynamic patterns as measured by DSC and CD, except the partial differences in the nucleotide sequence, namely, at 99th (A/G), 183rd (T/C) and 846th (T/C) positions in the open reading frame. 

Morphological Changes in Diabetic Foot - Juniper Publishers

Pulmonary & Respiratory Sciences - Juniper Publishers   Abstract Objective: Diabetic feet and toe deformities is commonly as...