Tuesday, February 5, 2019

JUNIPER PUBLISHERS-Anatomy Physiology & Biochemistry International Journal

Association of Hyperuricemia and Raised Atherogenic Index of Plasma with Hypertension

Authored by Rumana Ahmed

Background: Among the non-communicable disease, CVD is one of the major reasons of mortality all over the world. Hypertension is an important contributor to cardiovascular disease, stroke and kidney disease.
Objective: To evaluate the association of serum uric acid and atherogenic index of plasma with hypertension.
Method: A total of 100 individuals were selected as study subjects based on predefined enrollment criteria. Among them 50 diagnosed cases of hypertension were selected as cases and 50 normotensive healthy individuals as controls. Serum uric acid and serum lipid profile were measured in all study subjects. Atherogenic index of plasma was calculated by the formula log (TG/HDL-C).
Result: The study population mostly belonged to 36 to 45 years of age group. The mean age of hypertensive patients was 40.78±4.00 years and that of controls was 39.58±4.12 years. The study found that the mean levels of serum TG (205.24±56.74mg/dl) in hypertensive patients were significantly higher than those of controls whereas mean level of HDL-C (42.10±12.27 mg/dl) in hypertensive patients were lower than those of controls. The mean AIP in the hypertensive patients was (0.68±0.19) significantly higher (p <0.001) than that of controls (0.43±0.22). In the study 70% of the hypertensive subjects were found to be hyperurecemic whereas 08% of the normotensive subjects were hyperurecemic which was statistically significant. The hypertensive subjects showed a positive significant (r= 0.437 p= 0.002) correlation between AIP and SUA.

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