Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Symbiotic" Hemofiltration Opens Fundamentally New Opportunities for Chronic Renal Failure Compensation_JuniperPublishers

"Symbiotic" Hemofiltration Opens Fundamentally New Opportunities for Chronic Renal Failure Compensation

Authored by EA Yumatov

Widely used nowadays hemodialysis and h√©mofiltration cannot replace completely the excretory function of human kidneys in natural conditions of physiological regulation. Healthy human kidneys are capable to purify patient's blood from uremic substances better than any artificial device with no doubt. Previously, we proposed a "method of "symbiotic” compensation of chronic renal failure (CRF) in humans”, based on the use of healthy human kidneys natural physiological function to purge patient's blood plasma from waste substances subjected to be excreted. In the method, the clearance of blood plasma from metabolites in CRF patients is based on the temporary association of healthy human and patient's circulations. The disadvantage of this method is to mix the blood of a patient and a healthy person. Therefore, this method has certain limitations associated with the necessity of a careful partners selection with the absolute blood type compatibility.

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