Thursday, January 3, 2019

Prerequisites for the Application of Low - Intensity Irrigation Systems on Sloping Lands as A Means to Combat Erosion in Azerbaijan

Authored by RAE ZH Aliyev*

The article examines the issues of studying the world experience and the results of many years of experiments in various countries on the applicability of low-intensity irrigation systems in various climatic and soil conditions shows that the creation of irrigation systems of this type is an effective and economically viable irrigation of various types of crops: perennial plantings, orchards, vineyards, forest plantations, shrub farms as soil protection means, grain-legumes, vegetables, ridge crops and technical crops, ornamental plantations, goons, nurseries and others. The low-intensity system (drip irrigation, micro sprinkling, aerosol irrigation, subsoil and inektsionnoy irrigation, etc. which has almost universal application, in particular, it is applicable where the use of other methods irrigation is impossible or ineffective.

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