Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Patterns of Exploratory /Locomotor Behaviour in Mice Following Chronic Consumption of Uncooked Beans

Authored by Aduema W

The effects of chronic consumption of uncooked beans diet on exploratory/locomotor behaviour were investigated. Thirty (30) CD1 mice weighing 18-35g were randomly assigned into three groups, viz; control, uncooked beans diet (50% w/w), while another set of mice were placed on serotonin precursor (5-HTP) diet (0.2mg/50g w/w) respectively for thirty days. All the mice had access to clean drinking water ad libitum. Before the neurobehavioral parameters were assessed, the phytochemical analysis of the beans, LD50 of the beans) and that of the serotonin precursor (5-HTP) were determined. Serotonin concentration was measured in the beans using gas chromatography analysis. The open field maze and light and dark transition box were employed for the evaluation of exploratory/locomotor behaviour. Daily food intake, water intake and body weight change were measured. The frequency of rearing in the open field was not significantly different in the uncooked beans and serotonin precursor fed group compared to control. However, the frequency of line crosses, stretch attend posture were decreased in the test group (p<0.05) compared to control. This indicates a decreased exploratory/locomotor behaviour in the test group.

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