Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Evaluation of Pre-Transplant Risk Factors as Independent Predictors on the New Onset of Diabetes after Renal Transplants (NODAT)- Juniper Publishers

Juniper Publishers- Open access journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid

Authored by Debmalya Sanyal

One of the most potential complications in renal allograft recipients is post- operative impaired glucose tolerance leading to frank de novo Diabetes Mellitus known as New Onset Diabetes after Transplant (NODAT). It is multifactorial and is pathogenically similar to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Having a variable incidence, it is usually associated with an increased risk of infection, cardiovascular morbidity, and graft dysfunction which can eventually cause mortality or loss of the allograft. In this study we aimed at comparing pre-operative risk factors namely age, sex, gender, insulin resistance (estimated by HOMA-IR), ß cell function (estimated by HOMA-ß), pre-operative fasting plasma glucose, post-operative fasting plasma glucose, tacrolimus level, induction ATG and hepatitis C virus status as an implicating factor for those who developed NODAT in post-operative period versus those who maintained an euglycemic status throughout the study period (non-NODAT). The study was carried out at the renal transplant unit of NHRTIICS, Kolkata between Jan 2013 to Feb 2014.

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