Thursday, December 13, 2018

Corn Yield as Altered by Using On-Farm Seed Priming, Different Nitrogen Levels and Soil Moisture Regimes

Authored by Kamil Sardar

The experiment was conducted at New Developmental Farm, of The University of Agriculture Peshawar during summer 2013 to study the effect of seed priming, nitrogen (N) levels and soil moisture regimes on the yield and yield components of maize. Two separate experiments were conducted in RCB design, one under high moisture condition other under low moisture condition. Treatment combination of seed priming and N levels were kept in. Sub plots while moisture in main plots. Nitrogen was applied at (0, 75, 150kg N ha-1) in three split doses. Seed priming was consisted of dry seed, water soaked and seed primed in 0.2% Phosphorus (P) solution. Days to emergence and Emergence m-2 of maize were significantly affected by moisture and seed priming while N effect was not significant. Low moisture plots resulted in higher days to emergence as compared to high moisture plots. Higher days to emergence were recorded for dry seed as compared to P primed seed and water soaked seed.

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