Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Semenoma Originated from an Ectopic Testis-Juniper Publishers-Global Journal of Reproductive Medicine



Semenoma Originated from an Ectopic Testis

Authored by Otheman Fahs

The authors report an observation of a meta static seminoma on an ectopic testicle in a 23 years old patient and discuss the epidemiological, diagnostic, therapeutic and evolutionary aspects of this entity. Clinical diagnosis is often difficult due to the diversity of clinical symptoms, the use of imaging, biological markers and percutaneous biopsyis essential to make the diagnosis. The anatomopathology and therapeutic aspects are similar to the testis in normal situations. Early diagnosis of these tumors involves the lowering of the cryptorchid testicles, because even if this lowering does not prevent the setumors, it allows better monitoring.

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