Saturday, August 25, 2018

Theranostics-The Personalized Medicine has Arrived - Juniper Publishers

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Theranostics-The Personalized Medicine has Arrived 

 Authored by Catarine Lima Conti

The combination of the words "therapy" and "diagnostics" have been purposed as a platform that combines some specific diagnostic with specific therapy, based on the results from the diagnostic. It is a step towards personalized medicine. Using nanotechnology materials and their applications, theranostic medicine can be understood as an integrated therapy system that can diagnose, offer targeted therapy and monitor the response to that therapy. This personalized medicine promises to revolutionize several areas of medicine by matching the ideal and most effective treatment to the individual patient. We could say that theranostics is supported on two pillars: Diagnostic product followed by therapeutic- diagnostic that differentiates patients or the type of disease and allows selection of therapy. Therapeutic product followed by diagnostic- a drug that shows efficacy, but not for all. New diagnostics used to identify the patients for whom it will work.

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